We like to work with small business owners in the spa industry, massage practitioners and yoga studios. Our experience allows us to understand these industries very well and we can create an effective advertising campaign geared toward your business.

Our goal is simple: to help you bring more fulfilled and happy clients through your doors with Targeted Facebook Advertising. The tech and policy hurdles involved in Facebook/Social Media advertising are many and varied, but having someone navigate you through the fog can lead to some real traction in Social Media.

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Using Facebook to promote your business is at all time high; this style of advertising is gradually taking precedence. The ability to pinpoint specific targeted customers at a reasonable cost makes Facebook advertising both popular and efficient.

There are numerous advantages to Facebook advertising:

  • Audience Targeting lets you specify who/where/when and why to market to people who are interested in your business!
  • It is extremely cost effective and reasonable over other advertising media such as newspapers, TV, etc.
  • It is fast and easy to setup, going from start to customers in just days.
  • Facebook analytics lets you stay on top of your campaign and you can easily adjust your strategy.

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The system is quite simple, employing only a few parts. We will need to get you set up with:

  • A web page
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Google Business Listing
  • Facebook ads and Landing pages
  • Email marketing campaign

As there is a wide variety of settings in which massage therapists, body workers and yoga studios operate so we need to consider that when we are setting up your advertising campaign. You could have an in-home business, multi-office set up, out-call based practice and they would all need a slightly different approach with your promotion.

We know many of you are wondering how much this is going to cost. Please contact us to discus your situation and see what needs to be accomplished, how we can help, and we can show you how effective this cheaper advertising alternative can be!

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